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How to share stock signals on Tradescoop

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tradescoop and how does it work?

Tradescoop is a discovery engine that allows you to share stock market signals and earn rewards. It connects you with a network of traders and investors who share their market insights and track records, providing full visibility into their wins and losses. Through user subscriptions, you can monetize your market expertise and earn rewards.

How can I benefit from using Tradescoop?

By using Tradescoop, you gain access to valuable market insights from experienced traders. You can learn from their track records, analyze their strategies and make more informed trading decisions. Additionally, you can monetize your trading expertise and earn rewards through user subscriptions. it is important that you have carried out your own analysis on a position or particular market before you commit real capital to a signal.

How does Tradescoop ensure the accuracy and reliability of shared signals?

Tradescoop ensures transparency by providing full visibility into traders' track records. You can evaluate their performance, assess their winning and losing signals, and make an informed decision on whose insights to follow. Transparency is a key aspect of Tradescoop's commitment to building a trustworthy trading community.

Can I share my own stock signals on Tradescoop?

Absolutely! Tradescoop encourages users to share their own unique trading signals and insights. By doing so, you can contribute to the community and earn rewards through user subscriptions. If you have a proven track record and valuable market insights to share, you can attract subscribers who are willing to pay for access to your expertise. With our "subscriber share" model, 70% of the subscription revenue goes right into the pockets of signal contributors. it's our way of keeping the creative juices flowing and the excitement buzzing. Join us and let's make content magic together!

Is Tradescoop suitable for both beginner and experienced Traders?

Tradescoop caters to traders and investors of all levels. Beginners can benefit from learning from experienced traders and gaining insights into successful strategies. Experienced traders can showcase their expertise, monetize their knowledge, and contribute to building a thriving trading community. Tradescoop aims to create a platform that benefits traders and investors at every stage of their journey.

What is Tradescoop Premium?

Tradescoop Premium lets you receive instant, real-time text/sms alerts when you subscribe to Tradescoop users. Some restrictions may apply. You can try Tradescoop Premium free for 7 days. When you sign up for Premium, we will ask for your billing information, but you will not be charged during the first 7 days, and you can cancel anytime at no charge during the trial period. Your payment will only be charged on the 8th day.

Do you get paid to promote specific stocks?

Tradescoop is social trading platform, not a stock recommendation service. We never get paid by companies or third parties to promote stocks.