welcome to tradescoop

Tradescoop is a technology company empowering a new generation of investors with tools and data that keeps them one step ahead.

Instead of giving financial advice, Tradescoop lets you find the traders with successful trade ideas, so you can take control of your own financial future.


where we started

The first iteration of Tradescoop was a bootstrapped, user-focused product, making it easy and simple for everyday investors to stay connected to the market.


where we are

We’re building a future where anyone can track the performance of traders, instead of relying on exaggerated claims. We've created a simple, more transparent product built on a platform that anyone can use.


our values

Our values reflect us as a team and shape our culture. They are designed to guide us from where we are now, to where we want to be. Every single team member is a value addition to our culture, so it's important for us to state our values.


Aim higher. We plan and build for the long term. While we iterate with small changes, strive for large, ambitious results. Avoid the comfort zone, where we stand is not the end, but only a step.


Be accountable to results. We are driven by results and not by efforts. We hold each other accountable to facts, and not to our personal perceptions.


Caring for the user means caring about what the user achieves. Caring should also proxy through the team, help them achieve and learn; to better serve our mission.


Confidence in the stock market starts with Transparency. We are disrupting the Fintech world by doing one simple thing: BEING HONEST!

Still have a question?

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